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Why Is Cheating So Common In Hollywood Couples?

Although sad, it doesn’t really come as a surprise when a star couple announces their divorce due to a very public and messy affair. Hollywood is a popular tourist attraction but it is also notorious for it’s on and off romances that are stuff of blockbuster movies. Paparazzi and gossip machines like TMZ make a living ferreting the details about flashy and short lived Hollywood romances that implode under the glare of public scrutiny.
The burden of fame can take its toll on a relationship scarred by cheating. It takes a lot of commitment and therapy and the constant glare of public attention can make forgiving and forgetting a more challenging prospect to say the least.

The drama of cheating

“Kristen cheated on Patrick”

“Kristen cheated on Patrick”

Hollywood’s legacy may partly be to blame for all the infidelity going on among its popular Denizens. Think Audrey Hepburn and Spencer Tracy or Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, head over heels star couples of epic love stories were actually embroiled in passionate infidelities. Past forward decades later and we have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley.

No one likes getting the short end of the stick. Certainly not the wife who got dumped or the husband who got blindsided, but Hollywood watchers gobble it up and so do we. People like to speculate about whether or not A and B are a couple, the drama of why they can’t be together because both are married or are in a serious relationship. We place ourselves in their shoes and imagine for an instant how it feels to be attached to someone we are passionately in love but can’t be with. These couples must be psychic, otherwise, how can they be sensitive to our supportive efforts of their infidelity?
This must explain why movies about cheating have a large chance of becoming a hit.

A view from a distance

“Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pit- A rocky Breakup”

“Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pit- A rocky Breakup”

Looking up into the big screen and focusing on the overwhelming romance of 2 people who can’t be together, certainly tug at our heartstrings. In our eyes, it justifies infidelity. This blatant marketing on indiscretion has certainly allowed the public to accept a couple who started their relationship on infidelity.
Public sentiment is easily swayed and PR firms understand that a good campaign that can divert the public attention to an upcoming movie or a public apology may be enough to save a star’s reputation and boost his ratings. Think Angelina Jolie who eventually became known for her efforts as UN ambassador for peace instead of being the other woman in Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage.

Which brings us to the question, why are Hollywood relationships so prone to indiscretion?

“Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore – Splitting up”

“Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore – Splitting up”

Sure, it looks nice for the camera and every time they walk the red carpet but you can’t build a relationship based on looks. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman may have sizzled the big screen with their chemistry but it wasn’t enough to keep their marriage afloat. There’s a lot more to a relationship than looks and unless each partner is truly dedicated to making the marriage work, nothing will hold them together as in the case of Ethan Hawke who eventually married his children’s nanny.

The Hollywood lifestyle also subjects the couple to constant temptation. Adoring fans and stalkers will always want to connect with their favorite star. Co-stars working together on the set too engrossed in method acting may soon find their boundaries blurring of what is real life to what is Reel life.
Getting comfortable with each other and spending more time with other people than with their spouses can increase their risk of straying. Misplaced feelings may soon start cropping over what started out as an innocent date over a cappuccino.
Unless they make the choice not to, the temptation to stray is a constant feature of their lives. Nevertheless, Hollywood couples are not the only ones susceptible to infidelity. We are also subject to the risk of cheating on our spouses when we feel that it is justified.

Love on the Brink

Whatever may be the personal issues surrounding relationships, Hollywood couples face a great challenge of keeping their marriage strong. Their constant exposure to the superstar lifestyle makes them susceptible to infidelities. In their case, following their heart may not be always be a wise choice.
The silver screen may have sold us to the concept of happily ever after. But whether or not its popular Denizens get to live that part of the script depends entirely on their decision to keep their marriage. Paul Newman knew what to do and kept his marriage strong and exciting. Arnold Schwarzenneger in a moment of indiscretion forgot what was important to him and lost more than what he bargained for.
Hollywood couples will always have it hard on their relationships. Whether or not they sink or swim, the public will be out watching their antics and enjoying it like some racy porn flick. Sad but true.

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