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The Top 7 Lies, Cheaters Tell Themselves To Get Rid Of Guilt

“Lie to convince yourself”

“Lie to convince yourself”

There is no question that men and women both cheat when in a relationship – many of them cheat a lot! When they get caught, they try and justify what they have done, either to their partner or to themselves. People cheat because they want to and because they can. But, the number of lies they conjure up to try and counteract their actions is extraordinary. I am going to share with you the 7 lies that cheaters tell themselves to get rid of guilt.

1. It didn’t count because I was drunk

This is a very common excuse that cheaters use, it is both something that they say to themselves and something they tell their partner when they have been caught. Some people go one step further and get intoxicated specifically to cheat! Despite what some think, alcohol does not take over your mind so much that you have no responsibility over your undergarments or lack of them as the case may be.

2. Things are not going well with my partner

“Not satisfied with the relationship”

“Not satisfied with the relationship”

Cheaters use the excuse that because if everything is not going great in their relationship or they are going c, then it is okay to cheat. Playing the field or exploring your other options should not be done when you already in a relationship with somebody. If things are not going well – the potential cheater should have some respect for their partner and break off the relationship! Cheating will not make the situation any better in fact it will likely ruin things for good.

3. We didn’t go all the way, so it’s OK

If you have done pretty much every sexual activity possible except intercourse with your lover, I have news for you – It’s still cheating! Cheating can mean a variety of things to different people but anything that you do behind your partners back with another person that you know is not right and would upset them, is cheating in my eyes.

4. I got cheated on before; I’m just leveling things out

If you choose to take back a cheating spouse then that is your business but trying to get back at them by cheating yourself, is not the sign of a healthy relationship and will only end in disaster. Cheaters even lie to themselves that it is okay because they got cheated on in a previous relationship. It is not okay, they of all people should know the hurt that cheating causes and should avoid it at all costs.

5. All my friends have cheated, why shouldn’t I?

“Finding excuses to rationalize your actions”

“Finding excuses to rationalize your actions”

Cheaters tell themselves that because many people around them have cheated then it is okay for them to do the same. People who can’t hold a relationship down and always want something ‘more’, grow to be very sad and lonely individuals. They might get plenty of action in the short term but they will never find the stability and contentedness that a long term relationship promises. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, do what you think is right and be faithful to the one who adores you.

6. She was super hot, I couldn’t help myself

Men in particular can use amazingly shallow excuses or lies to tell themselves that the encounter was excusable. This can be anything from “I’ve never been with a redhead before.” or “She had bigger boobs than my girlfriend.” You name it and I’ve heard it! These lies that you tell yourself and others are terribly selfish, if you don’t want your partner for who they are, then why are you with them? It’s normal to have fantasies but that’s exactly how they should stay if you are in a relationship – a figment of your imagination.

7. It wasn’t my fault, I argued with my partner

Blaming their partner for what they done is a common excuse cheaters make and a common lie that they tell themselves. The cheater tells him/herself that they weren’t in control of their actions because they had an argument with their spouse and ‘it just happened’. Blaming others is a common reason cheaters give when they are caught out and sadly in many cases, they actually convince their partner that they are what caused them to cheat.

Being unfaithful in a relationship is the worst kind of betrayal and cheaters will come up with any lie simply to get out of it. If you have been cheated and they use some kind of mediocre excuse like one of these, don’t take it and kick them to the curb. If you are a cheater and have told yourself or your partner one of these ridiculous lines, stand up to your responsibilities and what you have done and just be honest.

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