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Is Cyber Sex Considered the Same as Cheating? It Depends on Who You Ask

As many people spend a lot of time on their computers either working or for leisure, cybersex has become common and it has even replaced sex for some people. This practice has raised moral questions such as whether it should be considered cheating among married people or those with steady relationships.

Is cyber sex considered the same as cheating? It depends on who you ask

“Having an affair in the virtual world is still cheating”

“Having an affair in the virtual world is still cheating”

Cybersex is defined as having suggestive verbal sexual intercourse with another person but without engaging in any physical contact. When people engage in cybersex, they communicate through text based messages, Skype, instant messaging or webcams either in chat rooms, message boards or through email systems.
People can experience cybersex just by chatting with each other online. The idea that one can have virtual sex is unconventional but people who participate in it can avoid the stress associated with sexual encounters. Cybersex also offers security to those who are insecure about themselves.
Even though cybersex does not involve any physical sexual contact, some people consider it to be cheating. They argue that when one is writing passionate messages to another person and continues getting increasingly aroused, it is very hard for that person to say no to sex if the person he/she is chatting with was to stand next to him/her and is also sexually aroused. Generally, most people would take advantage of such a situation and deal with the remorse and regrets of cheating on their lover later. However, some people would decline the offer due to the respect they have for their lover.

“Cybersex is still cheating”

“Cybersex is still cheating”

The question about whether engaging in cybersex is cheating or not is not that easy to answer. In order to evaluate whether cheating is taking place, one should consider the level of intensity within which the cyber flirting is conducted. If the messages that cyber partners share are just simple compliments, one should not worry about the consequences of engaging in this practice. If on the other hand the messages sent are graphic and explicit, the practice can become worrisome. In order to minimize the repercussions of engaging in cybersex in a manner that can harm a relationship, one should think about his/her lover and limit the level of graphic cybersex that his/her lover would feel uncomfortable with.

How cybersex affects people in relationships

Divulging in sexual fantasies with another person other than a lover is an indication that one’s relationship is probably not satisfying his/her sexual needs completely. In such a case, it is important for a couple to discuss any sexual problems that they may be facing and look for a solution. In such a situation, cybersex can be considered to be a healthy form of entertainment even though the couple needs to work on their relationship.

When engaging in cybersex, it is advisable to inform one’s cyber partner that one is not interested in further real life experiences. Even though this may remove some of the enjoyment that one gets from cybersex, it is the right thing to do when one is in a relationship.

Why do people engage in cybersex?

“The thrill of challenge and satisfaction”

“The thrill of challenge and satisfaction”

Most men engage in cybersex because it provides them with a feeling of challenge. Another reason why people engage in it is that cybersex offers online entertainment that one can easily access. Men usually engage in cybersex with the goal of seducing a female counterpart. After arousing a woman they work with through cybersex, men feel more excited and look forward to meeting that woman at work the following day.

How people consider the issue of cybersex

Most people feel that it is not wise to engage in cybersex with people that one knows. Some prefer that cybersex be around specific acts that they are not comfortable with doing with their partners such as BDSM. Others feel more comfortable if their partners engage in cybersex using a different identity such as a virtual avatar. Cybersex is often complex and mysterious and it is important for couples to avoid engaging in it too much to the point of creating problems in their relationships.
Cybersex in itself is not wrong and it can be great for couples who live far away from each other. They can use cybersex to connect at a level that is more intimate. However, when cybersex is used in place of one’s partner, it can cause some problems in a relationship especially when one partner catches the other engaging in it. A person who does not want to ruin his/her established relationship can cut back on cybersex if it threatens his/her relationship or if the person finds out that it is taking a significant amount of his/her time.

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