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5 Easy (Discrete) Places You Can Take Your Mistress Out On A Date

Looking for the best place to bring the girlfriend is a problem many cheating men face from time to time. The risk of discovery is an expensive price to pay but this will not deter the determined soul who has tasted a little piece of the action and wants some more.
No matter how you see it, when carrying on an affair, there are rules that must be followed. Following these rules to the letter will ensure that you get to enjoy more time out with the girlfriend, more opportunities for whispered conversations in the back seat without the unnecessary anxiety of getting discovered.

Ground Rules

“Setting some ground rules”

“Setting some ground rules”

When things get tight and you aren’t prepared to leave the wife, it is best to have a fall back plan where both you and the girlfriend understand to be for each other’s benefit. The girlfriend should understand that you’re only out for a good time. You’re not seeking to leave your wife for her and you don’t want to hurt your kids.
You should also be mature about the whole thing in the event your girlfriend finds someone else to replace you. After all, you’ve made it clear that you’re not going to leave your wife for her.
It is important that your girlfriend understand: you call her, she doesn’t call you. You set up the date and all other communications in advance. Everything gets paid in cash and when arriving and leaving the venue of the tryst, actions must be simulated in order to give the appearance that you came and left on your own. Set a password on your phone and set up a separate Email accounts where both of you can leave messages for each other.
When you accidentally meet each other on the street, and either or both of you have company, ignore each other. The safest way to handle situations like these is not to make a big deal out of it.

Places to go

A secret restaurant – This shouldn’t come as a no brainer but finding a secret restaurant is worth the risk of taking out the mistress for the occasional wine and dine without the risk of discovery. According to Ashley Madison, an infidelity positive website, restaurants like these exist in New York with the likes of Blue Fin, Morton’s and Cipriani. According to Ashley Madison’s CEO, you can dine at Blue Finn using a credit card and not worry about your partners seeing that you went somewhere romantic like.

Motel – Quality time with the mistress is best spent in private places where you can feel free to express your feelings for each other. When both of you are married, sex in the day is best because you have to go home to your respective spouses. You can either leave home or work early so you can spend the remaining time with your lover by getting yourself a room. Motels are famous for short time arrangements at affordable costs. Just remember to pay in cash.

Your lover’s apartment. – If your mistress is single, her place is the most convenient place to meet up. You can get all the privacy you want without having to worry about being seen in public. She’ll be more than happy to oblige since it would also save her the trouble of hiding and having to make up excuses why she’s always seen with you.

Back seat of your car – When you’ve run out of places to go and you don’t want to be spotted, the back seat of your car is actually a very handy place to make out. You can drive to some deserted road and park the car where it doesn’t become visible to passersby. Just make sure to clean the car before your wife uses it. Better yet, have a different car so you won’t have to worry about the wife finding out traces of your indiscretion.

If circumstances find it difficult for both of you to meet physically, bring the date online. – The internet has made many things possible and cheating is no exception. There are a lot of apps available on the internet that will allow you to communicate when you find it difficult to meet the mistress due to some unforeseen circumstances. You can still send pictures of each other and even use video conferencing while typing sweet nothings. Just make sure to erase all records of your chat. Better yet, keep a separate laptop and install a strong password so you can type away without worrying about being discovered.

Discretion is the key

“Being discrete is important”

“Being discrete is important”

Where ever you choose to conduct your meetings, being discrete is the unbreakable rule. Adultery always requires that you lie to your spouse; otherwise, you could face a divorce that will cost you more than you imagine.

Whether conducting a fleeting affair or building that relationship with your soul mate, keeping your reputation is essential if you want to come out on top. Take it from Tiger Woods: if your marriage is going to end at least, don’t give your wife bullets to shoot you with.

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