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3 Warning Signs That You’re About To Commit Adultery

“Understand the signs and control your temptations”

“Understand the signs and control your temptations”

Adultery is committed when a married person has sexual intercourse with a person who is not his or her spouse. It is another word for infidelity. The rising cases of infidelity especially in the workplace should be cause for alarm. According to a recent poll, the workplace has become the #1 place where married persons can commit adultery.
Employees who work in close proximity with each other form friendships that eventually blur the boundaries of committed relationships. They are the ones most in danger of committing adultery. When you start noticing these following symptoms, stop and assess. You may be about to become an adulterer.

Signs of infidelity

“See the hidden signs”

“See the hidden signs”

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have sex with another person just to commit adultery. Sex is merely the last manifestation of a process that, had it been addressed early on, would have been easily prevented. The following signs, although not conclusive, are indicative that something is wrong and needs to be addressed in the relationship:
1. You keep secrets from your spouse. – Do not keep secrets from your spouse. Protect your relationship by being accountable to each other. According to Robert Weiss, a relationship expert, infidelity is the breakdown of trust caused by keeping secrets in an intimate relationship. If you have to lie about where you went or with whom, chances are you have just crossed the line that separates fidelity from infidelity.

1. You have an emotional bond with someone other than your spouse. – Few people look for extra marital entanglement. Nevertheless, one of the symptoms that mark a person to be vulnerable to an affair is when their main relationship isn’t fun anymore. Desperate for attention and looking for excitement, they are eager to let someone fill the emptiness their spouse is supposed to provide. Instead of collaborating with their partner, they start looking for emotional highs with someone else they have bonded over lunch or during coffee breaks. Cheaters who don’t view their current relationship as inappropriate cling to the notion that they fell in love and could not explain how it came about oblivious to the fact that what started as a strong friendship eventually turned out to be an emotional involvement that has gone too far when sex came into play.

2. You are sexually attracted to this other person. You notice that you look forward to meeting this person, you dress for him or her and you look forward to hearing from them as soon as possible. It’s a sad reality that there a lot of unsatisfying relationships out there. Too much emphasis on careers, children, friends and hobbies, to the detriment of your relationship, can actually result to your marriage deteriorating right before your very eyes.

It’s not about the sex

“Admiration and respect- Set boundaries in the workplace”

“Admiration and respect- Set boundaries in the workplace”

Infidelity is not about the sex. It’s about admiration and respect – the basis of any platonic relationship. When couples become bogged down by the responsibility of marriage, they forget to nurture each other and become deprived of emotional intimacy.

No marriage is affair proof. Developing honest, respectful communication including the ability to give and receive constructive criticism is vital to establishing a foundation on which differences can be resolved. When you are meeting the deepest needs of your spouse and he or she is meeting yours, you take away an outsider’s opportunity to come in and wreak havoc on the marriage.

Most cheaters don’t get caught

Men cheat for sexual reasons while women cheat for emotional reasons. Studies indicate that most infidelity goes undetected not because one party is in denial but because most people do not know how to recognize infidelity. The best way to protect yourself from an affair is to get familiar with the signs of infidelity. This way, more marriages are saved

Surviving the affair

Building trust is essential for a healthy relationship. Sadly it is something we take for granted. What took time to build can easily be lost with a simple decision.

If you’re the one that had an affair you’ll need to reassure your partner that you’ve learnt from your lessons by cutting all ties with your lover and rebuilding what was lost. If you’re the victim, understand that you will have to undergo the process of grieving and rebuilding and it’s not an overnight process. It may feel that your relationship may never recover but it can with hard work and patience. An affair signals the turning point in a relationship but it doesn’t have to signal the end.

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