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3 Things To Say To A Married Woman After Sex To Alleviate Her Feelings Of Guilt

“Don’t panic and say the right words”

“Don’t panic and say the right words”

Sometimes, out of shame and guilt, a woman will confess to her husband. Ideally, coming clean would relieve the burden of the affair. However, this may not always produce a desirable result.
Confessions can actually lead to problems. By confessing your guilt, the chances of your husband becoming resentful and angry over the betrayal are highly possible and can break the relationship instead of repairing it. Few relationships can survive such a negative atmosphere and studies have shown that marriages work best when not everything is out in the open.
If the affair only happened once and it’s highly likely of not happening again, keeping things quiet may be the wiser choice. Confessing in order to unburden guilt can cause long term problems that may prove difficult to solve in the long run.

The seeds of infidelity

“Make a choice”

“Make a choice”

Women have affairs for a variety of reasons which may include a lack of emotional connection, desire for revenge, a lack of attention and being neglected.

Sometimes, circumstances make it hard for a woman to resist a lover. When a woman does not have an emotional connection with her husband, she may not share the same feelings with him. She may feel that she is not an important part of her husband’s life and sex, instead of being a source of love and intimacy, becomes tedious.
This kind of neglect can affect her self-esteem and increase her risk of vulnerability to an affair. When this happens the neglected wife will feel empty and look for validation elsewhere. If she meets a man who compliments her and makes her feel special, she may start to invest feelings in that person eventually having an affair with him.
The desire for revenge can also be a motivating factor for women to cheat. When the husband has given a reason by committing infidelity, the wife may want to get even by playing the infidelity card and give the husband a dose of his own medicine.

An affair to remember

“Finding comfort in the arms of a stranger”

“Finding comfort in the arms of a stranger”

When women decide to have an affair, the thrill may initially overwhelm and inspire her. Unfortunately, the affair eventually becomes a source of distress. Guilt and shame chips away at her peace of mind and she becomes cranky and moody and gets angry at the slightest provocation.
If you happen to be involved with a married woman, remember that she wants you and yet is afraid to be discovered. Be the gentleman and don’t add to her stress. Saying the right things after passionate hot sex will ease her mind and relieve her of her guilt:

“Don’t worry I’m safe.” – If the encounter appears to be a one night stand, assuring your married girlfriend that you don’t have Sexually Transmitted Disease will get loads of her chest. No wife wants to wake up one morning and find out that she infected her husband because of you. Either the guilt will kill her or she will kill you.

“It’s Ok, You don’t have to see me after this.” – She tosses aimlessly or lights a cigarette and suddenly becomes distant after hot passionate sex. Chances are, she may have a lot on her mind weighing her down. An affair with no strings attached will assure your married girlfriend that she may not have to deal with the unnecessary complications of a relationship like the one she is trying to escape at the moment. All she wants is a good time. Be a gentleman and give her what she wants.

“Darling, you’re the best.” – A woman who’s having an affair is looking for affirmation that she’s still got it. Her self-confidence is at rock bottom and she is sensitive to messages regarding her image and capacity. She will seek validation of her worth by overcompensating either in her sexual performance or appearance.
Compliment her on her looks and her talent in bed. Make her feel great and let her forget the guilt of looking for sex outside of her marriage. She deserves a break.

The Downside of the affair

Before you make that jump, weigh the consequences. Affairs rarely go unnoticed. The consequences of your indiscretion can cost you a marriage and a career. Sweet words may temporarily take away the shame and guilt but it cannot erase the traces of its destruction. Recognize it for what it is. Secretive sexual behavior causes pain and destroys trust and you may be risking something you are not prepared to lose.

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