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3 Mental Exercises That Help You Get Rid Of Guilt After Cheating

“Mental exercises to get rid of guilt”

“Mental exercises to get rid of guilt”

According to psychologists, guilt is defined as an issue that arises from the past and it can hinder anyone from progressing. Basically, guilt acts more as infections in life rather than emotions. It has been established that when a person is guilty of doing something wrong, the guilt of performing such activities will hinder the feeling of emotions such as happiness, love and excitement. In most cases it leaves a person feeling empty. Guilt arises as a result of making a decision.

One of the best ways that can be utilized to alleviate guilt is by thinking back to the decision made that gave rise to the guilt. Ideally, focusing on the present is the best way to solve guilt. Instead of fearing what would happen, such your spouse may file a divorce, it is advisable that you focus on what is happening at the moment. At the moment i.e. right now you are comfortable, safe, and you have your partner with you.
It has been established that dealing with guilt especially after cheating can be challenging especially if we are not equipped with a mechanism to eliminate the guilt. The good news is that there are several techniques that can be used to successfully conquer guilt. Several successful psychologists have argued that guilt can be conquered efficiently if we train our minds to think positive and focus on the present status. Having cheated on your partner, it does not mean that the partner will identify it and that you should devise mechanisms to defend yourself. It has much to do with eliminating the natural guilt that arises after doing the wrong act.

“Calm your mind with mental exercises”

“Calm your mind with mental exercises”

3 Mental exercises that help you get rid of guilt over cheating

1.The Golden machete

This is a form of mental exercises that aids in locating direction and focusing on the future. In order to successfully execute this mental tool, the following procedure should be adopted.
Close both eyes and breathe slowly. Hold a golden machete or any other tool of similar sort. Visualize yourself clearing all the vines that seem to block your way. Cut them away as you progress into a bridge that gets you into your future.
This mental exercise requires you to face the reality. The cheating act is something that has been done and it is now something of the past. It should not hinder you from getting new things in life that are bound to strengthen your relationship. As you clear away the stumbling blocks, breathe out slowly and open your eyes. The exercise should be practiced once.

2.The bell exercise

This form of exercise was initially formulated to assist an individual bring back a loved one. It has also been identified to be one of the most effective mental exercises that can eliminate the guilt after cheating on a partner.
To perform it, Close your eyes and imagine visualize yourself ringing a bell from an open window. Ring it repeatedly, knowing that nothing will happen to your relationship. Tell yourself that you value your partner and that he/she is the right person and that nobody will take his/her place in your hearth.
As you perform this exercise, try to imagine the face of your partner and you may even ask for her/his name. Thereafter, breathe out slowly and open your eyes.

3. Discharge of responsibility

Whenever you feel guilty after cheating, ask yourself if you owe a debt to anyone. If your answer is yes, then go ahead to discharge that responsibility. You should feel the oppression and the burden of guilt lifting. You should always remember that you have a responsibility towards your partner and it is your duty to discharge that responsibility. When you have understood this fact, it is less likely that you will undergo the same process again since you will not fall a victim of cheating again. Understanding and discharging our responsibilities is an avenue to be living harmoniously as a community. You need to understand that you have no responsibility to any other person apart from your partner. Getting the facts right will make our lives less burdensome and above all, our goals will be clarified. It also makes our lives easier to maintain and manage.

“Find peace and get over your guilt”

“Find peace and get over your guilt”

How to perform the exercise

While on the porch of your house, use a broom to broom out some dirt from the porch and pile it in a lawn. Clean up the mess knowing that the guilt is gone. Once everything is done, try to imagine how good it feels to discharge one’s responsibilities and from there you will be able to eliminate the guilt since you will be in a position to discharge your responsibility in the future – not to cheat.
Generally, guilt is something that we can do away with if we are equipped with effective mechanisms on how to eliminate. Make use of the above three tips and you will be a changed person.

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